Monica Bonomo


About Monica Bonomo

Monica Bonomo’s work utilises the colours extracted from plants. Her interest centres our ever-changing relationship with earth’s resources.


Monica’s practice is an exploration of the active properties of plants.  As an example: the constant change in the crystallization of salts and plant-based substances, the subtle changes of colour in the fibres through oxidation processes, or the stimulating and volatile scents released from essential oils.


​Following cross-cultural exchanges which have given shape to our globalized context, she visualizes trade routes and markets as where knowledge and materials can spread.

Exchange and share

Monica’s artwork will be on show at part of the Exchange group exhibition in Aspex’s Main Space (CLICK HERE).

Throughout her residency at Aspex Monica will be reflecting upon the similarities and differences between “sharing” and “exchanging”.

Monica said:


“To exchange implies a bidirectional action (giving and receiving) from two or more parts involved. I struggle to imagine this exchanging to be unconscious and unintentional. The word suggests to me movement, dynamism.


To Share, on the other hand, can be a unidirectional action. It suggests we can be sharing a space without the intention of sharing, and we can be unconscious of this. When we share, we aren’t necessarily exchanging but when we exchange we are most definitely sharing.”

Monica intends to explore this concept through the delivery of sensorial and experimental botanical workshops.


These sessions, open to the public, will allow people to exchange ideas, considering: What are the active properties of plants? What are the properties we know about the plants we are in contact with? How do we know them?


Monica’s work will aim to bring reflection about the intrinsic value of plants, rather than a monetary one.


CLICK HERE to see the full programme of events and activity, including Monica’s workshops.

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