Rhiannon Armstrong


About Rhiannon  Armstrong

Rhiannon Armstrong is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist with over a decade of experience making works with empathy, interaction, and dialogue at their core, often with unfiltered audiences in mind.


She makes work under the lifelong series title Instructions for Empathetic Living. This can be live performance work in private or in public settings, web-based and audio pieces, and immersive environments of textile, sound and projection.


Rhiannon’s performance, installation and web-based project The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid (on display at part of the Exchange group exhibition - CLICK HERE) has been shown nationally and internationally.


“[The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid] creates a different kind of approach to most online confessional material, emphasising empathy rather than sensationalism”

  • Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


Rhiannon’s ongoing music research project The Lullaby Directory took place at Wellcome Collection, The Yard Theatre, and Battersea Arts Centre in 2018, and a new intervention for public space The Slow GIF Movement is currently in development with support from Unlimited, The Space, and Brighton Digital Festival. Rhiannon is winner of The Adrian Howells Award for Intimate Performance in 2019.

Exchange of empathy

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid is a collection of anonymous testimonies donated by members of the public.  The quilt is embroidered with extracts from the testimonies. You can also visit the project website and listen to the testimonies there, either at Aspex or at home.  You simply need 5 minutes and a bag of kit available from the gallery's Info Desk (the bag kept at reception has a tablet, headphones, a pen and a notebook in it. The notebook has instructions written inside).


The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid began as a one-to-one performance in 2006, which has toured the UK and internationally. In 2015 it launched as an online piece, open for anyone to access all over the world, co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Space Arts.  The quilt was commissioned in 2016, also by Battersea Arts Centre.

Rhiannon’s project has been supported by Unlimited and The Space Arts. Rhiannon’s residency has been developed in association with the INTERREG EU funded project PONToon which centres community development, social/economic inclusion and equality.


CLICK HERE to see the full programme of events and activity, including Rhiannon’s workshops.

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