Susan Stockwell


About Susan Stockwell

Susan Stockwell is an established artist working across sculpture, installation, collage and film. Her practice is concerned with examining social and colonial histories and engaging with questions of social justice, trade, cultural mapping and feminism.


Her art employs the material culture of everyday domestic and industrial products, such as recycled computer components, maps and paper currency and she transforms these seemingly banal products into compelling artworks.


Susan previously collaborated with Aspex in 2016 through Boîte-en-Valise: Generator- an international presentation of work which took place at the gallery in Portsmouth (UK), the Venice Biennale (Italy) and Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse (USA). During this project she worked with cuban refugees and Afghanistan and Iraq veteran soldiers in rehabilitation.

Susan has exhibited extensively around the world, including: Tate Modern, Victoria & Albert Museum and Manchester City Art Gallery (UK), The National Museum of China, The Katonah Museum of Art and Art League of Houston (USA). Her work is in public and private collections around the world, including; The Victoria & Albert Museum, the London Transport Museum, Bedfordshire University (UK), The Tropenmuseum (Netherlands), Black Rock Investments and Yale Centre for British Art (USA).

Exchange of skills

For the Exchange group exhibition Susan presents Rumpelstiltskin: an installation comprising hundreds of meters of cloth feeding through sewing machines, making clothes, inspired by fairy tales and their roles as metaphors for humanity. The piece is an exploration of the history and culture of everyday products such as sails, textiles, paper, sewing machines and money.


The transformation, apparent in the Rumpelstiltskin story, spinning straw into gold, conjures up a metaphor for change, mass production and consumerism, a never-ending exchange of material, in this case gold with its associations to greed and money.


Through her residency at Aspex Susan will be going into our community and working with local homeless hostels and charities. Inspired by Rumplestiltskin, as well her previous work, Susan will be exchanging vital skills in mending and repairing people’s clothing.

Susan’s project has been supported by Arts Council England.


CLICK HERE to see the full programme of events and activity, including Susan’s workshops.

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