Victorious Festival

Victorious Festival is a three-day music festival held on Southsea Common.

Southsea Castle, Southsea Skatepark, the D-Day Museum and other local attractions are within the festival boundaries and are only accessible to ticket holders during that time. In 2016, the organizers announced the launch of a charity, the Victorious Foundation, which seeks to protect disadvantaged children. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales is given to the local D-Day Museum. In 2019 it was announced that the Festival has brought a “£10m to the city’s economy”.

Aspex has been delivering a range of creative activities for children and families in collaboration with Victorious Festival for a number of years. We are excited to be collaborating within them again this summer. Look out for us in the Kids Arena and on Market Way!

Aspex is incredibly grateful to each of our project supporters and would like to say a massive thank you.

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